19th November 2012, by Lauren

This week I was able to get out of the house and see a bit more of Jakarta. I managed to squeeze in the Monas, Mesjid Istiqal, Kota Tua, Sunda Kelapa and Ancol. There is actually a lot more of Jakarta to see than I initially thought! It’s such a different city to what I’ve seen before as well. The sites are maintained less but still interesting all the same. I really enjoyed the Wayang museum where I could see puppets from all over the world, including a traditional Wayang performance! After learning about Wayang so much in school it was exciting to see it all put into practise.

I can’t forget to mention our dinner at the Magnum Cafe on Saturday evening as well. Yes, our meals were made of multiple magnum ice creams. It was amazing, and the most sugar I’ve had in a long time as well! It was a nice outing for the IHF family and we definitely enjoyed our meals.

On Sunday I got to really see Indonesia’s wet season coming through. While adventuring through the city, the buses, motorbikes and cars were all driving through knee deep waters after the casual day’s rain. It was crazy! I couldn’t imagine having to put up with that much water for a good 6 months of the year.

I only have two weeks left to go now but a lot more ahead of me. This week at the centre is “Environment Week” which has been enjoyable so far, and there are plans to visit Bogor this weekend. I’m getting the best of the volunteering AND tourist side of my trip!

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