2nd December 2012, by lauren

Last week at the centre was Environment Week. We had a lot of fun in class learning about the environment and what we can do to save it. I made activity sheets for most classes and I think I’ve discovered the best teaching method! All the children worked hard and all learnt how to help out the environment in various ways… In English!

The centre planned to take a day trip down to Bogor yesterday to see the “Kebun Raya” (botanical gardens) which are said to be beautiful. Unfortunately for us on Saturday a power line fell on the train tracks to Bogor so our plans fell through. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see Bogor, but we all still had a fantastic Sunday at Taman Mini! It is basically a miniature Indonesia squeezed into one park, depicting all the different cultures of the country. My favourite part of the day was the reptile park. We saw scary crocodiles and cute turtles. Plus we got to pat a Komodo Dragon AND hold a python (although I think it thought I was lunch)! It was definitely a great way to spend my last Sunday.
photo (9)photo (11)
I only have 5 days left at the centre now. This experience has gone way too quickly and I’ll be so sad to leave my new Indonesian family! But I’ve had such a wonderful time teaching and getting to know everyone so there’s no doubt I’ll be back for a visit very soon! IHF have made my Indonesian adventure an incredible one and I’m so happy to have contributed my (small) amount of teaching knowledge to my classes.
photo (10)

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