3rd December 2012, by Jurana

This week has been a fruitful and memorable week at the centre. Alin and I arrived at the centre on Tuesday while the latest voluntourist, Matthew arrived two days later. It was a special week as we celebrated Hossein, our beloved centre director’s birthday. It was a simple affair and everyone here including some of the SMA students, joined in the celebration. Two days later, we had a surprise celebration for Ibu (our house mother).

Once Alin and I had settled down at the centre, we were tasked to take on some English classes. We taught simple English words using themes such as family, colours and insects to get the students engaged in the lessons. The students were cooperative and we even played mini-games and sing English songs together. It was not very difficult for us as we were able to converse in Bahasa Indonesia.

We have been lucky to have Melissa to show us around the vicinity as well as the tourist spots in Aceh. We even had the chance to shop for groceries at the wet market in Penayoung. It was an eye-opening experience for us.  On Sunday, we visited the famous Tsunami museum and Masjid Raya. We headed to the Lampuuk beach and spent the rest of the afternoon there. The beach was clean and the waves were really good. We did some swimming (or basking to be exact) in the waters and played Frisbee.

Although we have only spent one week here,Alin and I have been very blessed to have good company around here. Hossein and Joko have helped us a great deal and we truly appreciate it. We are also thankful to Dustin, Melissa, Matt, Nanda, Dian, Ibu and Syifah for the amazing hospitality. We will definitely miss the people here as well as Banda Aceh when we go back to Singapore next week.




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