3rd December 2012, by Vicky

The rainy season has finally properly arrived and most mornings are super hot and steamy until early evening when the thunderstorms and downpours arrive. Even so all the local people remain concerned at the real lack of rain so far this year. Surrounding areas have had significantly more rain than Karang Asem area (where we are sited) and the effect on the rice crop will be very bad if more rain does not come.  Even so, the rumbles of thunder as a back drop to our local volcano sound very dramatic!


We have been painting coconuts for the next door resort as a gesture of goodwill and a fun project for the children. Whilst all the children taking part enjoyed it…the aftermath was a bit messy! Discovering that hand painting with gloss varnish paint was soon found to not be such a great idea…..we had a big clean up job before we could send the children home to their Mums.

Adding to the excitement was the random actions of our neighbours cow who I have nicknamed ‘Daisy’ (I’m quite unimaginative at times) decided to take out the post holding up our internet and phone wire which is strung across the next door field. She managed to wrap herself around the cable several times and with calf in tow was quite a job to untangle. We re-propped up the cable with the stick and contacted the telecoms company in the vague hope that they will come and put in a proper pole…..

It’s never a dull moment at IHF Bali!


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