4th December 2012, by Marcellina

‘This has been a very busy week for the IHF Kenya Centre! For most of the children, they are now on their Christmas holidays from school, the longest holiday they will receive in the school year. However, for the 14 children in Grade 8 this year, this week has been their last opportunity to study for their critical leavers exams! Next week, these 14 and 15 year old children will be sitting four days of exams, the results of which will determine whether they will be permitted to continue their education on to High School. Here at the centre we have been wishing these candidates all the best; our Kenyan Centre Director Belina has been giving them all her tips and they have been studying hard, so we have every faith that they will pass with flying colours!


As well as this, we have had 2 new directors from England arrive at the centre this week – Marcellina and Dave. Marcellina arrived earlier on in the week, whereas Dave only arrived at the centre on Sunday after a matatu strike meant public transport across the country was brought to a standstill! Nevertheless, unwilling to leave our new director stranded alone in the middle of Nairobi, our determined Centre Director Mongui still found a way to journey from Nakuru to Nairobi to collect Dave at the airport and find somewhere for them both to sleep in the city. Here at the centre we are delighted to have two new additions to our IHF Kenya family and we are all looking forward to working together to improve our IHF home!’

Kind regards,



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