10th December 2012, by Kenya Directors

This week has been absolutely electrifying for the Kenya centre in Nakuru – quite literally! Power cuts, blowing bulbs, melting sockets have been the general theme for the week.

Thankfully for the 14 candidates sitting the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education exams, their exams ended on Thursday, so there is no one needing to study by candle or torch light for the next few weeks at least! Nonetheless, we commend the children for their dedication to their exam preparation and resilience in the face of adversity and to demonstrate this, we had a mini party for the kids on Friday.


Although the electricity problems meant that the music only ended up lasting an hour at most, we still found ways to have lots of fun, including traditional Pokot singing and dancing, and games in the dark!

Another theme for this week has also been football! We have begun implementing football training for both our boy’s and our girl’s teams. The training has been hard, as there is no real equipment (the footballs are rags tied up with string) and only one set of goalposts, but this doesn’t stop the kids from being thoroughly upbeat about playing! In fact, the boys’ team has just finished second in their local league, and have been invited into the final stages of the tournament! This means they just have 3 more games to win to finish top, so we wish them the best of luck and encouragement!

All-Star David

One of our keenest little footballers, a Master David Kamau, is also a part of the local under 16’s team – appropriately called the Nakuru All-Stars – and has played two matches with them this week. As per usual, we went with some other students to support him, and he is doing a great job as their Left Back. Here at the Nakuru centre, we have high hopes for his sporting future and look forward to supporting him more next year when he joins the adult team!

And so, from the football fanatics here, and all the other students who help make the centre so electrifying, we sign off for another week!”

Many Thanks,

The Kenya Centre Directors


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