9th December 2012, by Julie

This is my third week volunteering at the Bali Centre. Everything is just so interesting to me, the beautiful garden wiht all kind of plants and flowers, fishes in the ponds, the cows, chickens, bugs etc..


The center is located by the seaside and there are two small villages nearby. Although one is a Muslim village and the other one is a Hindu village, all the residents seem to live in harmony. Most of our children come from these two villages. Every time we pass the village or buy something from the stores there, everybody will just try to greet us and speak to us. I found that they really have a simple and yet contented life.

The children here are mostly very enthusiastic and active. I have been teaching some classes and I was always encouraged by the children’s laughter. I am trying my best to teach them English and Computer, they always turned up so eager to learn and improve themselves.


We were having The Health Education Day on this Friday which was organized by Julie, one of the Director of our centre. Julie has invited nurses and staffs from one of the clinic here, Penta Medica to do the overall health check for the children including weight, height, vision, ears and mouth. At the same time, We were teaching the children about the importance of teeth cleaning and healthy food. We distributed tooth brushes to all the children and they were very happy and enjoyed the lesson.


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