Blog post for One World 365

The International Humanity Foundation is continuously looking for interesting and interested individuals who can contribute their time to our organization. As this foundation consists almost entirely by volunteers that generously donate their time for a limited period we are always recruiting, and since IHF is dependent on donations we cannot afford to pay for these recruiting ads which we so dearly need. This leaves us in a quite tight position, and therefore IHF is about to embark on an exciting collaboration with One World 365 ( Through this website we will be able to tap in to a new branch of the recruiting market and reach more potential volunteers.  One World 365s catchphrase is meaningful travel which very much goes with the mission of IHF which is to educate the poor, and to educate the educated about the poor. At One World 365 you can read about anything from adventure travel to teaching abroad, but the site is focused on individuals looking for that extra special experience. One World 365 has very generously agreed to contribute to our cause by allowing us to post ads on their site at no cost, and help like this is what allows IHF to continue our work. At there is a special section on volunteering where projects from all over there world are featured, and this is where you will be able to read more about IHF shortly! As we do believe that we at IHF provides an extra special experience for the right volunteer we are hoping that this collaboration will result in new applicants reaching us at IHF, through One World 365. IHF is all about individuals and organizations from all over the world learning and helping each other, and we are  proud to be doing so together with One World 365.


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