14th December 2012, by Vicky

I have been volunteering here for almost one month, time just passed quietly. This is a quite exciting week because the children were doing the posters for their sponsors. I feel that this is something quite meaningful, being give and take in both way. As a sponsor, they were not only giving but they actually gained from the appreciation of the children.

IMG_0587The weather started to change after being very hot and dry for the past three weeks since I reached here. It was almost raining every day and sometimes even in the mid night. The air is very fresh all the time and the plants grow green and blossom.

Wednesday I went into the nearby town to see what was there. I found a mix of shops including small supermarkets, clothes and jewelry shops. There were of course the usual touristy shops but even they were full of nice quality bags, scarves and carvings.  I went into one of the seaside restaurant and sat watching the gentle waves, eating banana pancake and drinking iced coffee – so nice. Standing by the side of the road, I managed to stop one of the local minibuses – a Bemo – full of school children going home after morning school. The driver kindly dropped me near the IHF center and I got home just in time to eat some fried rice before afternoon teaching began.


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