16th December 2012, by Samina

We took a couple of days this week during class for the kids to write their sponsor letters. It was actually really nice because most of them seem to enjoy writing them.  A couple of the kids need some extra help and more motivation but in the end they all wrote them and did very nice decorations on them.   They also did a great job decorating the sponsor poster. They seem to be excited for Christmas and put a lot of Christmas themed decorations on the letters like bells and Christmas trees.


Many of them also did the extra chores to earn money to buy Christmas presents. We took them to the night market last night so they could shop and they seemed really excited to be there.  Hopefully all of them bought something so that our Secret Santa exchange works out.

It has also been a great week for playing games and riding bikes. We taught some of the kids a dice game and some card games and Darid especially has been asking to play them a lot. He has also been playing chess against some of the directors and volunteers and he is very good.  It’s so nice when everyone is enjoying spending time with each other.


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