15th December 2012, by Marcellina

Hello once again from IHF Nakuru!

We have had a very busy week here as per usual!

The students at IHF Nakuru have been helping the directors to develop and restore their football pitch; this consisted of the building of a new set of goal posts, the marking out of the corners and the slashing of a lot of long grass so that they don’t trip up or lose the ball any more!Building Goals (600 x 450)

We have also been working on the development of an education centre so the children have somewhere quiet and peaceful to study in by the time they start the new school year in January. So far we have restored electricity to the top building, where the new study area will be located, we have gathered a couple of tables and a few chairs, and started re-organising and re-decorating the room to promote concentration and a mentally stimulating environment.

Football Training (600 x 450) (1)Along with this we have also been having a lot of fun with extra games and football sessions to ensure that the students don’t get bored over the holidays! In fact, they have been so busy that they have barely been able to keep their eyes open past 8.30pm!

So from a very worn out but very happy Nakuru centre, with heavy eyes and big smiles, we say goodbye until next week!


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