23rd December 2012, by Marcellina

We have been having a great time in Nakuru at the IHF Kenya Centre this week – our well-experienced volunteer veterans, Caroline and Sven, returned for their second visit this year after a trip through Ethiopia to help get our preparations for Christmas underway. Using some crepe paper, a machete and a little initiative, the children managed to create a Winter Wonderland that even Santa Claus would be jealous of! The children made paper chains and wrote messages on labels to use as Christmas decorations for our Kenyan Christmas tree – cut down branches from some trees in our compound. The kids have never decorated the centre for Christmas before so this was a welcome treat that they absolutely loved!


Another job we had which the children thoroughly enjoyed was the painting of our education centre and the decoration of their suitcases. The paint (a lovely shade of yellow) was donated by Sven and Caroline, along with paints that the children used on their suitcases. We all got really creative with some lovely stencils and it just shows that sometimes all it can take are simple things to bring the children so much happiness. Not all of the children had cases, but luckily for them Sven and Caroline had been given some funds by some friends back in New Zealand which they used to give them brand new ones!

SAM_2719Sven and Caroline also proved how handy they could be when we rearranged and partially rebuilt the kitchen/dining area! Where before the children were being served food in a very smoky and cramped environment, they now have a large smokeless dining area complete with serving hatch!


From reading all this you may think that it has been all work, work, work… But despite the children, directors and volunteers being very productive – we still all managed to find time to have fun with the occurrence of multiple football matches!

First up were the boys under 16’s team, who played in the semi-finals of a KFK (Kenyan Football Association) tournament. Unfortunately, our boys did not have shoes so the other team had a slight advantage over our valiant footballers who ended up slipping and sliding all over the dusty pitch!

SAM_2676Second were the Ever-Stars (the female version of the Nakuru All-Stars), who played a qualifying match for the “Sakata Na Amani” tournament – which is a tournament in support of peace during the upcoming election times. The girls were also unfortunate and despite playing as the better side, went out in the penalties round.

Regardless of the disappointing football results, the children have had a fantastic and exciting week and are looking forward very much to our Christmas together.

Kenya Directors


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