24th December 2012, by Thibault

This has been the last week of 2012 with classes held in IHF Jakarta center. The end of the world did not happen, and even though a feeling of lightness was in the air, we were still conducing activities seriously.

Everything went on as usual, Yolanda and Zef teaching english on Monday and Tuesday, and other classes taught by Ade, Arnau, Ayu, Joko and I.
P1000942Then the major event this week was without a doubt the “Heath Day” held on Saturday the 22nd. With the fantastic help and devotion of Dr Adhi and his staff (Bogor Clinic), Dina and Fred we hosted a vaccination campaign for Measle, proceeded to eye check examination and kids could get free doctor consultation.
We were quite anxious that not too many kids would show up, but it finally turned out that this event was a success. Around 150 kids came along with parents and the big majority of them got vaccin, eye check and consultation. Some children however tried everything to escape vaccination, and i must say that some definitely have good acting skills, they even might be future actors or actresses.
Tess left to Australia a week ago to spend 3 weeks there and we wish her a nice time and rest with friends and family, well deserved. Arnau is in Central Java for a couple of days and life is now quiet a the center.
Wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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