Happy vacation time for IHF Thailand Kids

My name is Andreja and I’ve been a volunteer here in Chiang Rai since the end of November. IMG_5159_p

Some of the children went to camp last week and the center was a bit more quiet. This also meant that younger kids did not have school and we had a fun week playing lots of games. The most popular amusement was the new swing on the tree, which eventually turned into a tyre swing so more kids could use it.

We were also getting ready for Christmas by going to the market and buying presents. We wrapped all the presents and are planning Christmas dinner. I think the kids will have amazing holidays and I am happy I will be a part of it.IMG_4934_p

This week all the kids returned from their visit to their families and friends in the hill tribes and they were full of wonderful stories. It was such a pleasure working with them this week because they were all so happy and cooperative, so I decided to stay here longer than initially planned. I just can’t leave these smiling faces yet and there are still so many more games I want to play with them. I especially enjoyed playing football with the boys and cooking lessons from the girls. We also got new volunteers from India and China who have been spoiling us with Chinese and Indian cooking and the kinds really like their playful nature.


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