Education, Sports, and games for peace

This week was the first week of the new school year and it has been
very strange not having all the children around the compound all day!
The kids have been really happy to go back to their classes though and
they have already been staying up right until lights out doing their
homework. Some have even been having tests all week, so some children
have had to revise really hard – good to know their schools are

The weekend brought an extra special event this week – ‘Sakata Na
Amani’! In English this translates as ‘Play for Peace’, and it is the
name of a special football tournament that was held in Nakuru’s Afraha
Stadium over 11- 13th January to promote peace and unity during the
Kenyan national elections, which are being held this coming March. It
was specially organised because in 2007, during the last Kenyan
national elections there was terrible violence that took place across
Kenya and particularly in Nakuru, right where the IHF Kenya Centre is
situated. Therefore, it was especially important that we got involved
and supported the event as much as possible!

For the children, there was lots of free football to watch which they
absolutely loved; however, on top of this, there was also lots of
other free entertainment such as mini competitions for the crowd,
horse and camel rides as well as a bouncy castle!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lots of the children had their first horse or camel ride this weekend, which was very
exciting as in Pokot where most of the children come from, camels are
traditionally not ridden so the opportunity to try this was a huge
novelty! Each evening, there were also several special performances by
several Kenyan artists, dancers and acrobats. The whole event was
brilliant, the children really enjoyed it and the message it passed on
was wholly in keeping with the IHF humanitarian philosophy!


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