Welcome to Harmony, from HK. English teacher and fruit picker

Hi Everyone, !!

My name is Harmony and I am a new volunteer here in IHF Chiang Rai.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Thursday, we had our English class during which Jinu and I gave an introduction of our home town, respectively Malayalam and Hong Kong. They were very attentive and we had a small quiz after the presentation and that was great to notice that they could answer most of the questions correctly.

On weekend, Chatagorn and Ipo collected some tamarind from a tree near-by and shared it with everyone. It is a kind of very sour fruit which is found in the tropical and subtropical region. It tastes very good especially with a kind of a salty sauce that they made.When we came back from collecting Tamarind, we found Darid on the roof and he was surrounded by A LOT of bees. While I was wondering what was he doing they told me he wants to get honey from the bee’s nest. He took a huge bee’s nest back down. The children were so happy and all started eating it, and it tasted so great! Lucky that Darid said he didn’t get stung by the bees!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The children are so amazing in being able to find food and fruit from so many places around here and I love to eat it with them.






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