Harmony getting comfy in IHF Thailand

This week they all wrote their sponsor letter to their individual sponsor and to the English class sponsor. In their individual sponsor letter, they shared their Christmas and New Year holidays. They all decorate the letter very nice before sending them.  For the sponsor letter to the English class sponsor, we did a big drawing with everyone’s hand-prints on the ‘tree of IHF’, signifying that we are all in the IHF family. In each hand-prints, they wrote their names on it and made their own decoratoions. They were all very cooperative to make the whole picture very pretty and colorful

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In our free time, we had a good time playing hide and seek. Since it was very dark at night, it was very difficult to seek, yet, many places to hide! We had a lot of fun playing this game and we played it over and over again until we were all tired.  Sometimes, if not hide and seek, we play UNO and JENGA in the classroom or, in the tree house! (Nupon took us into his tree house and we played UNO there!) It was very fun playing with them.

On Saturday, we all went to the waterfall! The place is very beautiful and it was their first time to visit this waterfall. We walked upstream and found a spot where there is deep water. Although the water was freezing cold, we all enjoy swimming with the beautiful surrounding natural environment.



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