Welcome to our 3 volunteers from China in Aceh !!!

Our first days in Aceh can be described in one word and that is HOT! People in Aceh Center are very nice and the whole center is like a big family. I meet lots of people. Hossein, our director, he is a story person, he always has many stories to talk about. Joko, he is a very funny guy, he likes joking and he even show us his unique skill-split after diner. Nanda, she is warn hearted and good at cooking, she cook a lot delicious food, especially the spicy one. I like spicy food very much, I really love it!

Although the weather is hot, we still have a good time with director and local people. We even learn a little Indonesian and we teach our director Chinese too. The first class we participated makes me feel great too. Students are very smart, they are really fast learners! Also, our director taught us a lot, not only for teaching tips but also for life lessons. He taught us to live at present, don’t stuck in the past and don’t worry about future. From our discussion, I learned different cultures and people’s life in Aceh. Also, be happy now.


The children in here are very cute and welcoming, they are like angles bring us happy and laugh. In junior high school class, we have a very smart girl, she can get every word we said and write them. Moreover, a girl with dab hand in senior high school class can even make a bracelet by herself, that’s amazing!

I am sure I will experience an unforgettable experience in IHF Aceh center.

Sun Qingyuan,

Sun Xiaonan,

GUO Fenglu

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