ChinAfrica episode 1: A Great First Week

We first arrived at the center on the night of 20th Jan. As soon as we were into the center, almost all the kids ran out from their rooms to say hello and welcome us. They even helped us carry our suitcases into our rooms. We felt very welcomed by those lovely kids!!SAMSUNG CSC

The next day, Marcellina and Dave, the center directors, took us to the town to buy some necessities like sheets mosquito net and so on to help us to settle down. They also showed us around the town to help us to get to know this place.



On the third day of our arrival, we got up quite early in the morning to walk some kids to school, and we talked about their school life on the way to school. After that we hung around the market. Then we played some games with kids which was a really good time. After the kids came back from school, we took a lot of pictures of them. And after dinner, we played a movie for them in the TV room and talked with them about their life and study.

On the fourth day of our arrival, we helped Marcellina and Dave to help set up the education room in the morning and cleaned it up. We also put old and new books together on the bookshelf. On the afternoon of that day, we gather some kids in the education room to help them with heir homework and teach them to draw pictures. We all had a really good time that afternoon. Those kids are quite clever and learn things very fast.

On Friday, Angela and I went to Clarison Kiplimo’s school to meet his teacher and find out some information about his teacher and his performance at school. So we got up quite early in the morning to go to school with Kiplimo together. It turned out that he is a very hard-working student and has good characteristics. On the afternoon of that day, we also went to the Muslim Primary School to find out the same information about those kids in that school.

On Saturday, Mongui, another co-director, gathered children and five of our volunteers to have a regular meeting together. We informed children that every Friday night is going to be our movie night and basically, the education room will be open during 4pm to 6:30 pm on weekdays. Kids can do their homework with our assistance, read books and play games with us in the education room.SAMSUNG CSC

Overall, this week we have settled down and had really good time with these lovely kids and gradually get to know them through talking and playing games.

Lingjiao Mao and Yuanfang Zheng 


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