Settling In Nicely!

This is the first week I arrived in Bali with my four schoolmates, excited and anxious. Living beside the sea is really enjoyable because there is glorious view. I watched the sunset in my spare time, which is the one of the most beautiful view I have ever seen.


The youngest child Epa impresses me most. She cannot speak any English except for “no” and I play poker with her with no rule always resulting in her win. The boy named Yoga is also my favourite because he really like to play my computer and he is the first person who can call me by my Chinese name.

On Tuesday, Juliep taught me to paint on children’s arms and I tried to do it, that makes the girl happy!

It was test time at the centre this week and we have been impressed with the application shown by the students. In preparation for the coming classes Emelie and Julie give us some good suggestion related to teaching these children, and Vicky gives us more specific suggestion in both work and life aspect because she can speak Chinese. Teaching will be a challenge but I am ready to have a go!b1

Here we met Emelie, Juliep and Vicky, who are teachers and directors here in center. They are really kind and responsible, who often took us to some interesting places near the center, introducing cultures at the same time. And the most important is, children here, who are lovely and enthusiastic. They love to laugh, love to play, and love to watch Jackie Chan’s movies.



Both amazing scene and loving kids arouse my interest these days. I am looking forward to the following days here.


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