Striking Up Friendships

After a week, my life in IHF Aceh Center is still very wonderful. We are here to teach English to elementary students, junior high school students and senior high school students. They are very happy and activity in the class. As time goes by, we are familiar with each other and are becoming friends.

A1This week we have start our class for different grades students, it is very funny to teaching them. They are all lovely children; all the volunteers love them so much.

They are learning letters, dialogues, animals this week and we had an exam too. For senior high school students, we continue the film “Mona Lisa Smile” and discuss some questions about the film.

With the senior students we have found that their English skills have allowed us to have some insightful discussions about human rights, which we introduced to them with a film. They are lovely, intelligent young people!

It is important that we encourage good pronunciation as this will improve the quality of the students’ spoken English.


We have bought a basketball this week to encourage the children to play and exercise. It has also allowed us to develop stronger relationships with the children.

All in all this week has been full of amazing moments!


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