Awards and Water bombs !!

This week highlight is without a doubt the Pass it on ceremony that was held in IHF Jakarta center on Saturday 2nd February.The week before we had the examinations, and once this finished and teachers were done with correcting papers, we organized the Pass it On ceremony.


Any child that attended to the ceremony was given some participation gift, notebooks, pencil, little toy and snack. The top 3 students each class received additional gifts and a certificate of achievement. These ones, who made it into the top 3 were really proud and happy about that., and so we did feel about them.309901_10200427839841643_1852204196_n

We had a great afternoon, the center was filled with many children and some of our volunteers attended too and gave us help. Thanks to all of them. And we should also mention that after the prizes ceremony we had a great time with a massive water fight !!!

We hope that will give an extra boost of motivation for the other kids so they will try their best to be nominees next time!


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