Welcome to Carol and Philly in Chiang Rai !

I’m Andreja a work-study volunteer here in Chiang Rai. We’ve had a busy week here-every year at the end of January, Chiang Rai celebrates the founding of the city and they have a big fair for a week. We are very fortnate that this fair is located in walking distance from our center, so we visited it several times this week. The children especially enjoyed playing all the games with prizes. Nupon excelled at throwing darts and he won one teddy bear for himself and one for Arisa. The little ones went all crazy on the bouncy castle and it was a great way of working out some of the extra energy they have. Soithong also brought something really cute from the fair, the new star of IHF Chiang Rai, a little bunny named Philly. It has been really good for the kids to have a pet to look after and I hope it will teach them some responsibility.

IMG_5449_p IMG_5478_p






At the end of the week we got the center ready for the visit of the CEO, Carol Sasaki. The children were really excited and they prepared a big “Welcome home”poster for her and cleaned their rooms. They were very happy to see Carol and go to the fair with her like they do every year. It was also great for us to all meet Carol and see the woman behind all of the centers

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