Busy week, Chill Weekend, Happy Time.

On Monday morning, Angela and Alice went to the Muslin Primary school together with Krop. Gail went to Joy’s school to get to know her performance at school and get her teachers’ contact information. In the afternoon, after we got back from town, we opened the education center to let kids do their homework and read books or draw pictures. Some of the kids are really clever and they learn games like sudoku very fast. Also, they like reading all kinds of books. As usual, we closed the education center at dinner time to send the kids for dinner. In the evening, some of us went to their dorms to help with their homework.SAMSUNG CSC

Tuesday morning, Fiona and Gail went to Nakuru West, learnt some basic information about kids and their teachers. Most kids behave well in school. At the same time, we found that there are some problems, like Chepkopus Peter, her teacher said she has a problem in reading and we were trying to figure out a way to help her.

In the afternoon, Fiona showed children how to play magic square, since then, they play it all day and everywhere. They apparently loved playing them. But unfortunately until now we have lost one or two.

Wednesday, four of us went to Nakuru West together to get to know those kids’ performance at school. Some of them turned out to be very good in their school, however, some of them still had some problems which need to be fixed. Also, there was a piece of good news today, we had electricity in our education room! Therefore, we can also open our education room at nights for those kids to do their homework or reading in it. At dinner time, it rained heavily. Electricity blacked out, so everybody has to sleep early that night. children play with tire

On Friday night, we played a movie of Jackie Chen “the king of Kungfu” as usual in the education room, they were quite excited about the movie. After the movie, they went back to their dormitory.

On the weekend, as children gathered and played together in the center, Alice and Gail finished our video recording about the center and activities. We invited some young presenters to help us.


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