Cross Cultural Friendship and Educational Challenges

During the second week we have been here, many things happened. All these events make me feel like I have been here for a long time already. Good memories are already building up into my mind.

In terms of English classes, some progresses have made. Students are now more willing to communicate or play with us. Some students also teach us to speak a bit of Indonesian language so that we can develop more friendship with them. Preparing the classes can be a little hard, because we do not know much about the Indonesian educational system; so sometimes it hard to assess the students’ real level. We have talked with our directors about this problems several times. We will do further efforts to find more suitable ways for students. There is still a half month left for us, we have to keep fighting to improve these kids education.小朋友

Our daily life here has become very comfortable thanks to all our friends here. Glad to realize that it is easy to build friendship with people from so many different countries. Although we cannot celebrate Chinese New Year , We have been welcomed really warmly her, so in the end it doesn’t really matter. In our spare time, we go out to visit Banda Aceh, sharing many good moments when wandering around together. I think I will miss life at IHF center very much after leaving.

Have a nice week !!!


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