Gong Xi Fa Cai !!! Welcome to the Year of the Snake !!!

This Thursday, Leona and I together organized a special program, Chinese New Year, as traditional Chinese New Year is coming this Sunday.

We sang Happy New Year in Mandarin in the class. The children were so happy to learn the song that they repeated again and again, clapping their hands. Some of them even started to dance.b2

We drew twelve Chinese zodiac signs on the board and let them guess which animal it was, so they can learn a bit about Chinese culture. The children raced to be the first to answer and they got gifts for correct answers. They were all inspired and behaved very active. Everyone shouted the answer loud. We also played a show for explaining them about the red packet. Leona played my mother and I played her daughter. We showed how children wished their parents a happy new year and got red packet money from their parents. The kids seemed envious.

b1B3At last we showed some other Chinese traditional customs, such as dragon dance, Lantern Festival, antithetical couplet and so on. The kids were cheerful again when we show our small but fancy gifts to them. We brought traditional Chinese things, including paper-cuts, Chinese knots and lucky bracelets.


They liked these small gifts so much that they helped each other to put them on!

We all had a pleasant and unforgettable time that afternoon.


Regards and Happy Chinese New Year,



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