A meaningful week

This is the third week I came to Medan. And now, every day is meaningful for me, because I only have two weeks to stay here. When students ask me:” Miss, when will you leave?” It is hard for me to say two weeks later. The longer time I stay here, the more I love these M2children. On Monday, we had a ceremony not only for the great students but also for all students. All of them can get a pen and a notebook. I have watched the exam paper and some of them did very well. They like people to take photo for them. When I take my camera, they always say:” Miss, Miss, me, me”. I have taken a lot of photos for them.


When I take photos, suddenly I thought that I can bring little to them. Actually, it is true that they bring much more to me. They give me their smile, their laughter, their pure eye sights. Besides, this is the first week that I began to enjoy the process of class. Trying my best to teach them and smiling to them is the best return I can do to these children.


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