Amazing Life in Bali Center

This is the second week since I came and I really enjoy life here. The kids are cute and teaching them is full of fun. Kids from SD1 are the youngest and they are easy to be distracted after 5 or 10 minutes. However, once I took out some nice stickers, they will focus on the class again and competed to answer my questions. They even stood up and crowded around me, shouting answers. Of course, they got stickers if the answer was right! As for SD2 students, they went crazy when they were split into two teams and made to compete. It is surprising that those little kids have a strong sense of honor for their teams and exerted themselves to win. Seeing them so devoted to the team, I was moved. Sometimes I can learn something from these kids.


Bali Center is in a peaceful village, which near the sea. Time goes slowly here and life seems carefree. At dusk, I always walk around the village or sit on the beach, enjoy peace and pleasure here. Kids who study at center always play on the beach and they greet me warmly when they see me. I even got to enter a beautiful Mosque and watched them performing a ceremony. It is amazing living here!



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