As our time draws to a close at the Aceh Centre

As we enter our third week at the Aceh centre our time is slowly running out! We have less than one week left! The time has flown by but I know these memories will last with me for a very long time – I am going to miss all the amazing people I have met at this beautiful center. They have taught me so much – always smiling even tho

This week in classes we taught songs to the kids and everyone really enjoyed this way of learning. It was lovely to have the assistance of Joko. The song isn’t easy as it is so fast but the children are so keen to learnt that the picked it up quickly! So we sang loudly together and the classroom was filled with happiness.

mmexport1360505487652_美容000_美化000 (1)

I was also privileged to witness the Pass It On Ceremony this week – it is such an important moment for the students and marks the end of exam week. It was full of dancing, singing and games and I believe it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  We also celebrated Chinese new year by making posters and eating traditional Chinese food like dumplings.


Im so glad we had the ceremony as it was a great opportunity to take photos with all the amazing people I have met here!

Sun Qingyuan


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