Felix’s First Impressions of Bali!

This is my first week at the Bali center. Everyone gave me a very warm welcome at the center and Julie gave me a tour of the center and the surroundings. Then I sat in on one of Julies English lessons and assisted Yating with a Computer lesson. Afterwards I looked through an English picture book with a student, she knew all the objects, colors and numbers and taught me some in Indonesian.


In the afternoon Julie took us all for a walk around the two villages which was very interesting. The first night was certainly different – being surrounded by wildlife, aswell as the ocean meant the night was full of sounds! The directors were very understanding and allowed me to have a few extra hours in bed! Thank goodness!


The next morning we went to an internet café in Candidasa to get some international work done (as the internet connection at the center only worked sporadically).
In the afternoon I taught computer lessons with Yating.


On Thursday the internet connection was finally back on and we were able to do our internet routine without a problem. Fred came to visit the center and look after his children.
It was valentines day, so we had the kids draw cards for their loved ones (mothers and other relatives) which they enjoyed a lot.


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