Cal’s Cherished Memories

This is the last week at the Medan Center, and it is a deep memory in
my mind now. For the past four weeks, we have done the posting job, taught
the lessons and played games with these lovely kids. For weekends, we
went to Lake Toba for travel and enjoyed a really nice weekend. How fast
time flows!


In the last week, everything seems to be so cherished to us. We tried
so hard to prepare the classes in order to make the students enjoy our
lessons. In the last class, we decided to make two grade kids play
together, and prepared our presents for them. Finally, we said bye to these
kids and really appreciate that they would have a nice and happy life.


It has been a great worth trip to Medan, and I will never forget the nice
people here, and nice food nice place. Thanks to Louise, because she
really helped us a lot and we would be friends forever. Thanks to Medan center IHF, because we can own such a nice opportunity to have such a great experience in Indonesia. This would be such a beautiful memory in my life which I will cherish forever.


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