Giving People Hope – Emma

This is my last week in Medan. Every time when I think I am leaving soon and may
never be able to come back, it makes me really sad. I will miss the door that we go
through every day, a door to a place full of laughs and hope. I will miss the flowers
expanding their petals in the bright sunshine which for sure will show up in my
dreams after I leave. I will miss everyone here, their voice and laugh, smile and


I remember the day when Louise took us out for recruitment. We walked through every
small alley nearby, in seek for poor families unable to afford good education. I
remember the happiness on their face when they took our handouts. This is what
Medan center does: finding the ones who need better chances of education and
giving them the hope for not only present life but rather a larger possibility of
grabbing knowledge for their future. I really admire everyone working in IHF, they
devote themselves in the contribution of a better world. This is exactly what we
desperately need today: love, care, help and hope!

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