Never say goodbye – Peggy, Medan

Time goes fast. This is the last week I stay in Medan centre, so every class I have taught means a lot for me. This week, I have taught two classes of grade 1. I still remember the scene that I taught class 1 first time. They are very cute but answer question in a low voice. However, maybe they are familiar with me now and they are willing to be active in the class. My last class is on Thursday. We played games and some shy boys and girls even behaved actively. When I saw smiles on their faces, I felt satisfied and happy.


See, they are Yani (left) and Wani (right), two beautiful sisters. They are local volunteers and they are very kind. Every class they help us teach students and every day they come here and back to home, which makes them tired. However, they are still very happy. When they knew we would leave on 16th, they said they would miss us. I’ll say I will miss you forever. And If I have a chance, I will go back to visit these cute people.



This photo is taken when we leave Lake Toba, a very beautiful lake. Thanks for Louise, a friendly director. Thanks for Kate, a passionate director. Thanks for all members of our team. Thanks for people here. I love you.


The last thing I can say is I love you, never say goodbye.


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