Preparing to leave beautiful Aceh

This is the last blog for me, and also the last week I stay in the center. This week, we have a celebration for the end of the semester. We give students their marks for their lessons, and we also give presents for the good students. It is so nice to see them finishing their lesson during my stay and that they can continue to learn next stage of class. 09/Feb is Chinese New Year; its such a pity not to stay with families, but this New Year will be very very unforgettable for me, staying in the center is also very comfortable.


image (1)

We send messages to our friends families and teacher, and we decorate the center according to the customs of China, we prepare antithetical couplets and some other things. In the New Year’s Eve, we prepare Chinese food-dumplings which is an important food in Chinese. It is the first time for us to cook, we feel a little nervous, but fortunately, we cook it successfully. This volunteer experience gives me so much, I now know theimagehappiness to help children in some area, the experience shows me the pure of children, shows the love of people, I wish children to have a brilliant future, and they can help many other people. Finally, thanks this experience again.


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