Curiosities in Bali

Last week we had the very friendly photographers from Aditi Niranjan Photography over and they took photos of our kids and our center pro bono. The kids were very excited but the pro photographers managed to calm them down and put on their sunday smiles – thank you very much again.

And Emelie came back from her visa run, so now we have the whole volunteer family under one roof again. This is a photo of when she distributed ice cream she brought for the kids (and volunteers) – thank you Emelie. It has been quite stormy and rainy a couple of nights last week so that water was coming in through the roof of the lumbung!!


We also discovered that we have a mouthbrooder fish in one of the center’s ponds that has about 50 baby fish that go into it’s mouth every time any one approaches, the children were very excited and were watching it (see photo).


On sunday a group of volunteers made a trip to Nusa Lembongan, a nice little Island off the coast of Bali. We went in a traditional fishing boat called Junkung it took about 80 minutes from the next harbor (Padang Bai) and we got soaked from the large waves spraying over board, the ride was a lot of fun and we had a great view of Bali with all the volcanoes visible (see photo). Lembongan is nice and quiet because it’s low season and there are very few cars, the beaches are very nice and there’s great surfing and snorkeling and diving.


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