How to visit Bali in a different way : volunteering and travelling

My name is Marta and I am a working study volunteer at Bali center.  I started travelling in August 2012, when my sabbatical year started. While planning my trip, I included Indonesia in my trip wish list. However, I wasn’t sure at all about wanting to visit Bali, because it is known as the most touristic  island and I didn’t want to be one more random tourist.  

Luckily, a friend of a friend told me about IHF. He described me the daily life at IHF Bali Center, how IHF helps children to get education in fields that public teaching is not providing, how to know Bali people and culture in a different way, etc.  He convinced me, so here I am!


It has been now a week, since my volunteer job started,  and I have to admit that the friend of my friend was right. The center is beautiful  (nice Balinese decoration, amazing gardens with ponds and a swimming pool, good food), the director and co-director know pretty well the Balinese culture and they have explained us plenty of interesting facts and the children are keen on  teaching you their language.

This week I have learned a few Indonesian words such as  “hello”, “how are you” or “thank you” and how Balinese people name their children. In fact their name depends on the place they were birth and the cast they belong to. In exchange, this week I have taught children about how to say the time,  the possessive pronouns or how to  use the word processor.
Conclusion:  this is much better than a resort holiday and I’m glad I chose to volunteer in Bali!



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