New Arrival at IHF Bali

I have been looking forward to helping the community and children at the Bali Center. I arrived with a warm welcome. Nothing is better than arriving to a new place and see a big sign with your name on it. Making me feel comfortable from the start. When I arrived to the center it amazed with it’s serenity. The sounds of the area are my favorite: ocean waves, sounds of the nearby mosque, and roosters crowing. I was given a tour of the center and the local area making me feel confident about my surroundings.


Coming to a new country always has it’s adventures. The first two adventures I’ve had include trying some new food items. Tempeh is the first thing I experienced and I’ve learned that it is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia. I found it delicious. The other experience was Durian fruit that has the smell of a rotten onion. I remember traveling in China and I was told it was not allowed on the bus. I now understand why. I tasted it and it’s just like it smells not delicious or delightful.


Being here for only a couple days. I’ve had the opportunity to co-teach two classes. The first one was an English class. I have never taught before so I was a little nervous, but co-teaching was great start. Now I feel comfortable planning and teaching my next English class. I have learned that the students are thirsty for knowledge and l‘m excited to make learning fun. I can’t wait to find creative ways to keep them engaged and challenged.


I’ve had the opportunity to have the same students in the computer class and they were unbelievable. They were on task, knew exactly what they needed to do and seemed to even enjoy it. They were good at asking for help when they needed and helping each other independently.


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