A Very Special Visitor! – Jakarta

This week we had a very busy Sunday: we had a visit from Sanjay and the Bengali-Indonesia Association. Sanjay has generously donated the money for Ayu’s university education, and he and the Bengali community here in Jakarta wanted to come to the center to share their culture; and a fun day, with the children.
We invited all of the students to come and on the day there were about 80. First, Sanjay told the students about India and Bengal. We already knew that the children are fascinated by India, from their reaction to our current volunteer, Rasika, and they were very interested to hear him. He explained how much the two countries have in common, but also what is different.
The association also brought some Bengali children, who performed two dances and a song for the children. Then the children who have been taking part in Rasika’s Indian dancing classes performed two dances. The dance group has children from first grade to sixth grade, and they were a joy to watch.



Then we divided into groups to do activities: Indian dancing, Balinese dancing, bracelet making and painting. Things quite quickly became chaotic, but everyone had a lot of fun, learnt a lot, and made some beautiful paintings and bracelets.
The association generously donated lunch for everyone, and we all ate together. By this stage everyone was exhausted, but after lunch some children stayed on to make more bracelets or have another go at painting. Despite the chaos and the mess – there were beads everywhere – it was really something to see the kids of all ages, and the two different cultures, come together and have a good time. JakartaIHF-7

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