Busy in Bali

I have taught six classes this past week. I am surprised how fast the time flies. The students had quizzes in there classes this week on Thursday and Friday. It was exciting to see that they are learning and understand what is being taught. Some of the topics they are learning about in class include: the difference between singulars and plurals, telling times, days of the week, months of the year, and knowing the sound of long o’s. There is a picture of one of my classes with a poster they made for their sponsor.


We have a new volunteer that arrived so now there is five of us total. It is great to have a different mix of people. Currently, we have people from France, USA, Spain, Germany and Sweden. We were able to take a hike up a near by hill together and see our village from what felt like the sky. We were all able to see the different villages for aerial view.

We were able to feel like a local at the morning market.  Which was interesting to see what fruits, and vegetables are in season. After visiting the market we had the idea that this would be a great place to meet local people and share information about the IHF center in the area. We went back today to pass some flyers about the organization.


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