Karena ada kemauan

The weather is growing ever hotter in Jakarta and we are all having trouble concentrating. However, the children still manage to have endless energy for running and playing, if not for paying attention in class!
Over the past weeks we have been very busy in the Jakarta center interviewing students and visiting their homes to find new children for The Education Program (TEP). We have found many new TEP and we hope to keep expanding the program over the coming months.
As Ayu said, it is very grounding to visit the students in their homes and be confronted with the difficulties they face, and the obstacles they overcome to attend our classes. It’s when we see this that we know how much they really want to learn. I said to the mother of one girl that it was very far to the center from her house. Did she take a bus? No, the mother said. She walks. “Karena ada kemauan.” Because there is a want.

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