Saying Goodbye at IHF Chaing Rai

Hello, my name is Renee and I’m currently volunteering for the IHF Ching Rai, Thailand Center. This last week, the week of March 4th – March 10th has been a busy one.With the end of school we saw a lot more of the kids. They were excited to finish, get their grades, and head back to their families in their village.044

031We had an unexpected package of water balloons and water guns which were meant for the upcoming festival in which the entire country partakes in a water fight but we made good use of them from the moment we got them. The last few days consisted of Uno and other card games, lots of running around and laughing, and lots of happy talk about the summer break.




While its extrodi018narily hard to say goodbye its impossible not to have a smile on your face. While most of the children have already left, Nupon and Darid decided to stay for a few extra days. We’ve made good use of the time and having befriended an amazing tuk tuk driver/tour guide we’ve had an eventful 48 hours. Lots of time at the Boomerand Adventure Park rock climbing, zip lining, and swinging on giant swings. A day of the famous Black House and an unexpected art exhibit as well as relaxing few hours at the hot springs, and a lovely little tour of the local pineapple farms. All in all, as far as last days go, these were pretty spot on

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