SlackLine Time!!

Last week volunteers Fred and Marta organized a special event at Bali center. Children tried the slackline, which is an activity that consists of walking on a special rope trying to keep your balance. The slackline rope is dynamic, stretching and bouncing like a long and narrow trampoline. The dynamic nature of the line allows for tricks and stunts.
For this activity you only need two trees and a slackline rope, so Marta and Fred had everything they needed at the center! During the week Marta and Fred showed videos to the students and they were delighted with the idea of trying this new activity. It was amazing seen their faces while discovering this new game. Some of them were surprised, others were excited and some where impatient about trying as soon as possible.
At least twenty children came on Saturday. They had a lot of fun and some of them nearly managed to walk alone on the slackline by the end of the session.
Take a look to this video to see how session was.

Slack Line at IHF Bali


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