Nyepi in Bali!!

This last week, being a volunteer at the Bali center was full of adventure. The beginning of the week was spent in Ubud for Bali’s very special holiday–Nyepi. Nyepi is 2-3 day celebration that the Balinese recognize as the Hindu New Year. On the first day, there was a parade where local communities create giant monsters (known as Ogoh Ogahs) and carry them down the main street while also putting on special performances. Some of the performances were very entertaining…ranging from live music to traditional Indonesian dancing and acting. The next day of Nyepi is spent in complete silence. The entire island shuts down…even the airports. The devout Hindus apparently even fast and meditate all day. So, as volunteers, we spent the day indoors working and reading quietly, trying to be respectful of the holiday which was really quite relaxing and rejuvenating for us as well.


After returning to the center, we resumed classes with children who we
re refreshed and ready to be back at school after the holiday and so much time spent with their families. Classes went very smoothly and I felt like I was getting through to them better than ever.


Then, this last weekend on our day of, all of us got together and climbed a nearby volcano called Mount Agung. This experience was full of adventure and breathtaking views. The whole journey took about 10 hours but it was absolutely worth it! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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