Spring Clean in Chiang Rai!

Ipo and Sukanya going back to the villageHi this is Samina- co-director of the Chiang Rai center here in Thailand. This has been a week of great change. Only Lora and myself are now left at the center, we said goodbye to Renee on Monday; we also said goodbye to all of the kids apart from Nupon and Darid as they have all gone back to their village for their long summer break. So the center is very quiet with only four of us in it. We took this as an opportunity to spend more time with the boys and took them to Boomerang Park- a nearby adventure park with rock-climbing, zip-lines and a huge swing. It was great fun and Darid and Nupon loved being able to fly high and fast in the sky above us.Darid climbing rockface

In this slower pace we are also discovering just what great cooks Darid and Nupon are- they both love to cook; whilst Lora and I love this we have also had to build up our tolerance for very hot food as a lot of chilli is a main ingredient. Nupon only thinks a meal is hot enough if he has sweat running down his face…

We’re also using this time to have a good clean of the center- not really possible when there are all the kids here. We spent hours and hours scrubbing out the kitchen and it’s nice to know that it can stay really clean and tidy- at least for a few weeks more.

Nupon on zipline


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