Arrivals from Aus in Bali!

When traveling to Bali from the dry and windy Western Australia coast,
your first feeling is like entering in a hamam.
Heat, rain, strange insects, crazy motorbikes, ricy ricy food, there
is a bunch of things to adapt to. Nothing difficult if you have an
adventurous mind.DSC_8417After a first day of visiting the neighboor village, doing paperwork
and resting,it’s time for my wife and I to give our first class.
I had experience in one-to-one teaching to adults, but was a bit
nervous because I did not know what would happen in front of 20 kids.
In fact, it wasn’t so difficult, mostly thanks to the support of our
more-than-experienced co-directors.DSC_8455The Bali center is located in the Carol Sasaki’s house, which was
initially a balinese-style holiday house. The house is big enough to
have 3 classrooms while being a pleasant place to live: green and
flowered garden, indu statues and artwork, water fountains, and even a
swimming pool.
There is a large beach nearby, but with a drawback: bathing shirtless
is seen as offensive by muslim people. Therefore if we want to
preserve IHF’s reputation, we have to follow the dress code if we
don’t want parents stop sending their childs.
Some lessons are more difficult to teach than other one. Today’s
program is possessive pronoums. To prepare the class I check on google
“I”: “saya”
“my”: “saya”
“mine”: “saya”
It seems quite challenging. My wife who is teaching with me has the
idea of a jungle-speed like game. We put cards on the table, if one
card show for example “they” and the other “theirs” they have to grab
a piece of wood, and the first that grabs it wins.
With this game, theorical explanation in indonesia (by our
indonesian-speaking director), and somes exercices, we finally made
the children understood this in a couple of hours.


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