Pampering in Chiang Rai!

We were having another quiet week here in Chiang Rai with just Darid and Nupon here with Lora and myself. I had taken Nupon to his new school to be registered as next year he will attend the same senior school as most of the other children here when we had an unexpected visit by Sukanya, Arissa, Janjira and Soithong. Apparently they also need to re-register at their school and also pay for their school fees, so we had another early morning visit to their school. The children never seem to really know what time we need to be at  their school so they always opt to go really early- which means we all get there and find no-one else there! After spending a few hours simply waiting we were able to fill out the necessary forms and pay their fees.


When we got back to the center the girls did what girls all around the world seem to love to do- beautify themselves. They covered themselves in a white cream and then proceeded to spend hours gazing at themselves in the mirror…


It was lovely to see them and to hear their lively energy around the center- it’s been very quiet here without them. It was also a treat to be reminded of their amazing foraging skills- they came back to the center with lots of tree branches on which hung lots of berries- red and black. They were lovely- I just wish I knew what they were! They’ve now gone back to the village so peace and quiet returns to Chiang Rai- until they return….


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