Updates of Aceh!

It seems this is a long time that I didn’t write some things for our blog. Actually I miss to writing. With the volunteer’s presence and our new co-director seems there wasn’t opportunity for me to write, although I tried to keep in touch with you in Newsletter. I hope you find this article well.

Students with theri English teacher Philippe

Many things from the last month happen in the Aceh center as well as last week. With the presence of many local volunteers in the center we were able to take many good steps in the recruitment campaign in Aceh. By sharing the responsibility nearly everyday we visit some area of the Aceh. Some times some other students from senior high school who attend in our free English and computer classes accompany us and helping us by their vehicles as we don’t have a motorbike in our center yet.

Philippe holds IHF in Japanese alphabet

Another day, two of our students invited me and Philippe to joint them in Japanese festival which held in Darauslam university. There were many people in there and we even try Japanes food and bought some for the people in the center too. Philippe asked of one of the Japanese girl to write the name of our NGO (International Humanity Foundation) in Japanese alphabet. Please find his picture below.

Students invite us for Acehenes noodles after class

The English class and computer class in the center for upper intermediate level are very active. We have a weekly roundtable with a short presentation that the volunteer students present in the first 15 min of the class. The students are very active and kind and last time they invited us for drink after the class, which we had fun together.

I should leave to Medan center as its director want to take a one month leave to traveling to UK. I don’t know how long exactly I should stay in Medan but I am sure that I will miss Aceh more than I think.


By Hossein

One thought on “Updates of Aceh!

  1. Hi Hossein,

    This is a great website !

    My husband and I would like to volunteer in your center in Aceh for 1 week starting from 16 or 17th June. Myself have experience in working with children as I am a volunteer teacher in a free school in Jakarta. I already contacted a person in IHF and still waiting for his reply. It would be nice if you can advise us if it is fine the time we want to start our volunteering and which subject besides English and computer we can do at your center.

    Thanks very much for your help in advance. Looking much forward to hearing from you soon.

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