The Kenya Center is getting Groovy and Sporty

 IHF Nakuru, Kenya

15th April to 21st April 2013

Having returned from a very wet and muddy Eldoret where I was doing a bit of sight seeing, I was given such a welcome by the children. I don’t think I’ve had so many cuddles and high-fives for such a long time.  I really missed them too.

All of the children are now on school holidays. So like all kids they like to be amused. In an effort to make the days pass in a constructive way I invited a local Nakuru based Youth Group to join us on Sunday for an afternoon of Leadership, drama, singing and dancing. The Group are called Boosters and are made up of young professionals who want to make a difference in their communities.  The children were very impressed by their motivational talk and listened with interest to their speech on peer pressure. Who knows, maybe some of the teenage children will take note! The children then welcomed back the Boosters Family Crew by singing traditional East Pokot songs. The harmonies were truly beautiful.

Boosters Family Crew

The main excitement of the week for me was the first proper football match of our team Carol Stars. It was an under 11 friendly and I hired a team strip so that we looked professional (although I’m not as rich as Abramovitch I still want a good team).  Well, it seemed to have worked because we won 2-0. The whole center turned out to watch as well as the opposing team’s family and friends from the community. The team seems to have become a focus for the center and even those who do not play come to enjoy the spectacle.

The other exciting thing this week was that a grant I applied for a few weeks ago was approved. This means that we can get funding to plough and plant the farm, repair some roofs and send four children to secondary school for the first time.  Although only a small amount of money to that which I normally apply for and manage, this will make a huge difference to the center and show the children that we are investing in their future and to better the center. For me, it is a further incentive to double my efforts. I’m looking forward to a new Director arriving next week as she will free up some of my time so that I can concentrate on fundraising.

I caused a lot of laughter at my expense on Thursday when I treated the staff to my first cooking of Ugali (maize flour cooked as a carbohydrate to accompany a spicy sauce or kale).  It is supposed to be quite firm so that you can ball it in your fingers and then dip it in the sauce. Mine was like mashed potato. I’m never going to be a good African Mama at this rate.

At the request of the older children, particularly Elvis – our resident dancer (I’ve yet to get him to sing the Blues) – I bought a speaker set for my laptop. We are now planning birthday parties and discos to make evenings and weekends more lively.  I’m still wondering how we can manage disco lights though…….Elvis dancingCarol's Stars and Team Coach, Harry


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