A Welcoming Return to Medan

An unexpected change caused some directors to transfer to other centers. It falls on me to leave the Aceh center, nearly after one whole year, I return to the lovely Medan center with more than 500 students. Although it is only temporary (for two months), it did happen very suddenly, so I couldn’t even find a chance to say good bye to many students in Aceh.

It is true that if you want to earn something you need to give some other things. For me it was hard to leave Aceh; however in the other hand I missed Medan and its great director Louise. I am sure that after two months it will also be hard to leave the Medan center. IHF really is like a family with many family members. For those who live long term in an IHF center, it will be difficult to forget their brothers and sisters. I see that many children from different centers/countries keep in touch and treat each other exactly like real siblings from the same bloodline.


During the time I arrived to the Medan center, Kate co-director of Medan center was almost ready to leave to the Thailand center. A few days after that Louise came back from a long weekend. That was great – the three of us together. On Sunday, Louise, Bang Joey, Madeline and I went to a little far area to visit some TEP students. That was nice to see TEP students and their family. It took nearly 6 hours for us to go and return, but was worth it as I saw many areas and beautiful scenery in Medan. Furthermore, the students. They are awesome. Unfortunately, the distance doesn’t let the students come to the center, and once a month we need to go to their villages and visit them. I saw some old students, who our sponsor provided with financial aid for their education. Now that they have finished high school the sponsors continue their support to their families by providing for other members of the family, which is so adorable.

20130423_202752 20130423_202850 20130423_202950

There are many lives running here, and I am happy to be here …

By : Hossein

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