Pinata in Jakarta!

Since last week Sharon was sick and she couldn’t come here to help us teach Math class. She got dengue fever and she has been hospitalized for a week. Then she came here to visit us and she still looked pale and weak.
She brought “pinata ” for the small children, students in grade 1 and 2. They were so excited. It was our first time as well to know and see “pinata”. Ayu was wondering what was inside it and she couldn’t believe that Sharon made it by her self. Inside of the “pinata” there were chocolates and candies. She made it with bundles of papers to make it look like an ice cream. Then the students had to hit it with a stick.


So, after the classes finished at 3 the students were gathering and hit it one by one until the paper broke. It was fun and it seemed like the children, and the mothers especially, were all happy   and laughing. After the students tried it some of the mothers also tried to hit it and they succeeded. The children were trying to grab as much as they could grab. All of them got some and they were all happy 😀
Pinata-20 Pinata-18 Pinata-25

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